Earth vs Moon is Here!

An action arcade for the iPhone from Low Five Games.

For the classic arcade fans who has played Missile Command, EarthvsMoon is instantly recognizable. The player launches missiles to defend Earth from the invading Moon Army. It's like if Missile Command were more fun, had bosses and better graphics.

Assume a role of a commander who must protect the earth at all cost from extraterrestrial threats. Players rave about the tight control they have at their fingertips on Apple iPhone and iPad. Challenge yourself to survival mode that will test your skills to the limits.


Check out the banging screenshots of the game in action!

Have you tried the latest hobby that is taking The Sims Freeplay by storm? We are talking about The Arcade. If you want to revive the nostalgia of being in the Arcade, then you can pick up this hobby.

You will need to build Ice Ape Arcade, which costs 250,000 money in Simoleons. This is a lot of Simoleons and no wonder a lot of The Sims Freeplay hackers have been using the cheats to get the building constructed faster.

First you need two orbs: bronze life orb and silver life orb. You need one of each and by combining the two and enough LP, you can enjoy this killer hobby for your Sim.

The top level is World Record Holder, which is right above Kill Screen Hunter. Followed by Local Hero and High Scorer, Quarter Muncher and Button Masters are the way of the newbies. You can play all day and win up to 15,000 Simoleons. Each level adds more LP and as of 2017, you can play Digging Douglas.


Here is the Official Trailer that showcases the game. There are 20 levels to fight your way through and 3 distinct game modes.


If you have have any questions or problems, dont hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below.


Here are a couple of wallpaper images to put on your iPhone. Good luck getting them on there.

Put me in your iPhone!

Ok, here's how to get use them as a wallpaper on your phone.

  1. Mail the image to your phone as an attachment.
  2. Open the mail, open the image, touch the image.
  3. Hit "Save Image".
  4. Next go to your photo album.
  5. Find the image in your photo album, hit the icon that's a box with an arrow coming out of it, bottom left part of the page.
  6. Hit "Use as wallpaper".
  7. Hit "Set wallpaper".
There, wasn't that simple?